Mariame – Bloom

Mariame - Bloom

Mariame was one of the first Cree artists signed to N’we Jinan Records. The label reached out for me to create Mariame’s debut album artwork and promotional marketing material for her first official release.

Mariame - Bloom CD Back
Mariame - Bloom CD Inside
Mariame - Bloom CD Disc

The project included not only the hard copy album artwork as seen above, but various other marketing collateral promoting the release as seen below. My life was made easier by some excellent photography, and essentially free reign on the design. I opted for a contemporary remixing of the imagery with an instagram-style filter, flat colours and simple typography. The ‘Bloom logo’ was created in Adobe Illustrator and is continued throughout the collateral. Paint spatters and drip effects have been added to the roses as an identifier this is an urban music record, rooted in Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop.

Mariame - Bloom Posters
Mariame - Bloom Flyer

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