Oxygen Activeplay May Half-Term 2024

Oxygen Activeplay May Half-Term Hero Image

Oxygen run indoor active play parks across the UK, featuring various equipment and activities for kids including trampolining, climbing and softplay. Their brand aligns with the BIG-TIME FUN to be had in parks and is communicated in an adventurous, confident way with a sprinkling of cheeky wit.

To celebrate the excitement of the May Half-Term school break, I created a hero marketing campaign across multiple touch points to be shown in parks in the form of posters, screen graphics and flyers and digitally across the website, social media and emails. 

The campaign balanced commentary on the typically unpredictable May weather and anticipation for a summer packed with sports, including the Euros and the Olympics. Various agility-related fun, games and competitions would be taking place across parks, offering kids the chance to win exciting prizes. 

In-line with the Oxygen brand, I used an image of a child from a brand photoshoot, illustrated themed elements and wrote copy that aligned with the brand’s tone of voice. This cohesive design was seamlessly integrated into various templates for both print and digital platforms.

The photography together with illustration placed onto a brand-gradient background, then adding in the playful “May the Games Begin!” headline and additional campaign copy I developed, when combined brings the creative to life:

Oxygen May Half-Term Welcome Screen

This would then be applied across additional touch points, along with being featured on the in-park screens.

Along with the hero campaign creative, Oxygen run a Holiday Club where kids can be dropped off at the park(s), entertained and fed before being collected again.

Using photography that I’d captured from a previous holiday club event, coupled with copy I’d written, I created various assets including social posts, website graphics, posters, flyers and park screens to promote the offering:

…and finally as part of the May Half-Term campaign, Oxygen also offer a pass which gives customers an hour’s active play session from Monday-Friday as a discounted rate.

For the creative I use the same child from the brand photoshoot (in different poses) and same blue-pink gradient background as a marker for the pass product’s own identity within the Oxygen Activeplay brand.

I would then create a name for the pass and illustrate imagery to tie in with the theme, in this case building up to a summer of sport, writing copy in-line with the tone of voice to finish the creative off.

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