Tes animated typography for social channels

Tes Animated Social Hero

Whilst at Tes, a leading global software and services provider for the education sector, I created a few quick and simple, on-brand typography-based animated videos. The example below lists how Tes can help schools with recruitment, promoting their pay-as-you-go job advertising service: Tes were also looking for a typographical, on-brand style to showcase customer feedback […]

AttractionTickets.com Brand Campaign


In order to promote AttractionTicket’s diverse range of attractions, activities and experiences, the concept was to feature at least 2 of these experiences in a fun, vibrant way, aligning with AttractionTicket’s hopes of bringing happiness and excitement to peoples lives. Not only should the campaign be diverse in terms of the experiences on offer, but […]

N’we Jinan Mobile Studio Tour 2022

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Hero

For the first time in 3 years, the N’we Jinan mobile production studio tour is back to inspire young creative indigenous Canadian voices as they learn the art of music production, and collaborate with their peers to write original songs and create professionally produced music videos. Using supplied copy and imagery, I set about creating […]

Sonos Loud & Clear Window & In-Store POS

Sonos Loud & Clear POS

Sonos reseller Loud & Clear required window graphics and in-store POS for their Glasgow store. I was tasked with creating vinyl window surrounds for their shop front which would allow for a view into their store display and bespoke, on-brand graphics for their existing shelving which homed Sonos’ various wifi hifi hardware. Once I’d received […]

Sonos Rebrand Advertising

Sonos Rebrand

In 2011, Sonos would under-go a drastic rebrand. They would move away from their white, applesque style to a darker, edgier look. I created various promotional marketing material for them, including print adverts for both the national press and various hi-fi stores across the UK. Sonos Advert for Simply Sonos appearing in Richmond Magazine, circa 2011 (Below) Sonos PLAY:3 Advert […]