N’we Jinan Mobile Studio Tour 2022

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Hero

For the first time in 3 years, the N’we Jinan mobile production studio tour is back to inspire young creative indigenous Canadian voices as they learn the art of music production, and collaborate with their peers to write original songs and create professionally produced music videos.

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Supplied Photos

Using supplied copy and imagery, I set about creating contemporary, clean graphics to advertise the tour dates across print and digital media.

I wanted the artists to be the main focal point of the designs, utilising their dynamic, emotive stances from their performances to shine through.

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Main Image

I also wanted to subtly play on the tagline of ‘Amplifying indigenous youth voices’ with the design, so used thin grey circles emanating from the centre circle to represent the amplification of sound, along with being a subtle nod to a vinyl record. Colouring the light text an off-white cream also helps give this an old-school music vibe, hinting at an appreciation of the past, culture, foundations and tradition.

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Poster

N’we Jinan Mobile Production Studio Tour Poster

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Bus Stop Poster

Bus Stop Poster

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Instagram Story Image

Instagram Story Advert

N'we Jinan Studio Tour 2022 Instagram Promo Image

Instagram promotional image post

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