Tes Live Lesson with Disney Theatrical Productions (Frozen)

Tes Disney Live Lesson

From October 2022, Tes would start its Live Lessons partnerships, co-creating inspiring and engaging online lessons on a wide-range of subjects.

The first of the series would be led by Disney Theatrical Teaching Artists Tori and Ben. Pupils were taken through a musical theatre lesson based on one of Frozen’s best known songs Fixer Upper, taught from the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane, London. Children learned the choreography and singing parts to Fixer Upper and sing and dance as an ensemble, developing their confidence and self-esteem, while having fun!

I would lead on the creative for the series, producing various digital promotional assets across the website, email and Tes’ social channels and storyboarding the basic intro/outro to the trailer and lesson itself.

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The Tes Live Lesson with Disney can be viewed here:

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