NHale – Best In Me

NHale Best In Me

NHale, son of the legendary Nate Dogg released his “Prince of the Westside” album in early September 2022. The first track on the release, “Best In Me” really caught my attention as a dedication to his father, stories of growing up and sampling “Nobody Does It Better”, one of many iconic songs from Nate Dogg’s catalogue of music.

Inspired by the song, and that NHale recently announced that he had become a father himself, I set about creating what could be a cover for the song if it were released as a single.

I would redraw and stylise in Illustrator a photo NHale posted of him and his son, and combine that with an existing photo of Nate Dogg, again stylising it in the same way to produce an entirely scalable vector image of three generations of family members.

NHale & Son
Nate Dogg

Finally I would add NHale’s logo, created by the super-talented DeRon Stanton and track name typography.

NHale Best In Me

I’ve been a huge fan of Nate Dogg since the early 90s and love that his son can continue and build on his legacy. After sharing the artwork with NHale over Instagram, he dropped me a message back, thanking me and said he’d frame it!

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