Brand Campaign

In order to promote AttractionTicket’s diverse range of attractions, activities and experiences, the concept was to feature at least 2 of these experiences in a fun, vibrant way, aligning with AttractionTicket’s hopes of bringing happiness and excitement to peoples lives. Not only should the campaign be diverse in terms of the experiences on offer, but […]

NHale – Best In Me

NHale Best In Me

NHale, son of the legendary Nate Dogg released his “Prince of the Westside” album in early September 2022. The first track on the release, “Best In Me” really caught my attention as a dedication to his father, stories of growing up and sampling “Nobody Does It Better”, one of many iconic songs from Nate Dogg’s […]

Methix – The Root of Evil

Methix The Root of Evil Hero

For Methix’ debut album, he asked for something with a hand-drawn feel, representing the subject matter of the title track, money and continuing themes throughout his first release. With the phrase; ‘money is the root of all evil’ and playing on the idiom saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ coupled with trees having roots, I […]