Siibii – Nightmare

Siibii Nightmare Hero

N’we Jinan Records got in touch to create a cover and various promotional assets for Siibii‘s single “Nightmare”. They supplied the image below along with a link to the song’s music video for inspiration.

Siibii Nightmare Supplied Image

To tie the image in with the feel of the song, I felt it needed to have a darker, grungier look and feel to it. I also wanted to extend the image’s background and somehow frame Siibii in the centre… so I played around with a few ideas before settling on a spotlight.

Siibii Nightmare Cover

I would also purposefully keep a fair amount of space at the top of the artwork, to really help grab the attention of the viewer towards the image of Siibii.

The handwritten style of the font “Beauty” finishes off the artwork nicely, giving it a personal, intimate feel, reminiscent of a polaroid photo punctuated with a note scrawled by hand to mark a memory.

I would also use this project as an excuse to get back into using After Effects for some basic animation to bring the artwork to life over Instagram:

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