Mattmac Tour 2023 Promotion

Mattac Tour 2023 Hero

Mattmac kicked off 2023, a few months after the successful release of his album, “Blurred Visions” by announcing several dates for his tour at the start of the year.

Supplied with an image of the Manitoba musician, I was once again given free reign over the creative direction.

Mattac Tour 2023 Original Photo

I was after a bold, contemporary look playing to the angles within the image that I would hope to align the supplied text to. The only stipulation with the text for the poster was for it to appear as a list.

The cables running across the skyline allowed me to stagger the dates above the year, which I placed behind the artist himself.

To give the poster a more dynamic feel, I set Mattmac’s cane over the remaining typography to really bring it to life across the various digital and print formats:

Mattac Tour 2023 Poster
Mattac Tour 2023 Poster in Situ
Mattac Tour 2023 IG Post Carousel
Mattac Tour 2023 IG Post
Mattac Tour 2023 IG Story

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