Ron Aven – Turn It Up

Ron Aven Turn It Up

Here’s artwork for Ron Aven and his track “Turn It Up” featuring Emdee and Rkayde. 

It’s an R&B/Hip-Hop/Club track, so my job was to reflect that in the artwork. I was supplied with the below image of the artists and was requested to bring a club party vibe to the scene.

Ron Aven Turn It Up Supplied Image

I downloaded various royalty free images to add into the mix to support my vision for the artwork, giving the main image energy and a party atmosphere…

adding in elements from all of the above along with additional photoshop work and effects took me to the final artwork. I reckon it worked out quite nicely… and Ron and his crew thought likewise!

Check out “Turn It Up” below:

Ron Aven Turn It Up Cover

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