NorthStars – Dreams

NorthStars Dreams

I was commissioned to create the artwork for The NorthStars’ debut album, “Dreams” with their vision for the front cover to feature an image of the ‘dream tree’.

I assume the tree holds important symbolism, meaning and stories within the First Nations Cree culture… and it was a nice, serene image to work with to accompany the title of their set.

Dream Tree Photo

I set about doing some basic edits to the image, extending the sky and water before adding the typography. For the back cover, I would feature the artists in the group above the tracklisting.

NorthStars Dreams Cover
NorthStars Dreams Back Cover

You can listen to “Dreams” below… “Tell Me The Truth” is a personal favourite of mine!

As part of the album’s promotion, The NorthStars would hold a social media competition to win a copy of their CD as well as perform on a mini, 4 date tour. I created posters, among other things to promote these:

NorthStars Dreams Album Launch Poster
NorthStars Dreams Tour Poster

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