SanDisk POS for Sainsbury’s

SanDisk POS Hero

Under the remit of the PC Accessories category, Sainsbury’s required shelf based POS for their memory and storage brands, WD and Sandisk. The brands had recently joined businesses at the time, so the perfect opportunity to create an all in one solution for the customer was available. Sainsbury’s offer a breadth of assortment under these brands from entry to premium. The POS was requested to call out key features and benefits and to encourage the customer to trade into more premium products – as well as suiting the customer’s needs.

Solutions can be found with Sainsbury’s direct competitors, so this opportunity would bring them in line with the market. This POS was for a 14 store trial and was supplier funded, merchandised and maintained.

I created various options for the POS. SanDisk’s brand hero colour is red, Sainsbury’s PC accessories hero colour is purple. Below are initial concepts for how the store bay(s) could look in either hue with with typography and design following the Sainsbury’s guidelines.

SanDisk POS Option 2
SanDisk POS Option 2 Detail

In some instances, and potentially post-trial (depending on the trial’s success) a more generic, Sainsbury’s PC accessories solution would be required where WD and SanDisk products would still be sold, albeit among other brands:

SanDisk POS Option 1
SanDisk POS Option 1 Detail

For the trial, I produced the below option which was signed off. Making use of a simple, SanDisk branded header accompanied by Sainsbury’s branded back panels and interchangeable information panels dependant on which products were to be sold…

SanDisk POS Option 3 Bays Mock Up
SanDisk POS Option 3 Bays

…or in the below instance of a double bay, the POS can be used together with a double-width header panel:

SanDisk POS Option 3 Double Bay

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