ToyHax Reprolabels for Earth Rise Prowl

ToyHax ER Prowl Hero

ToyHax (formerly known as ReproLabels) are a company producing top quality reproduction stickers, as well as stages and accessories for collectable figures (mainly Transformers). Their sets are available for not only vintage releases, helping collectors restore their figures to their former glory… but also the latest lines as the likes of Transformers are constantly evolving. They commission various designers across the world to generate the artwork before printing, applying, photographing and selling them.

ToyHax commissioned me to create a set of stickers for Transformers Earth Rise Prowl, based on the original G1 1980s figure’s decals. It would be a case of finding the original source material in the form of scanned sticker sheets, and using my own G1 original figure as inspiration for the updated set. The artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics where I redraw everything from scratch to fit the cutter guide for the figure.

ToyHax ER Prowl Sheet 1
ToyHax ER Prowl Sheet 2

The set consisted of 2 sheets, one on white, the other silver. You can check out the stickers applied below.

The set is available to buy via ToyHax here, along with various other sets I’ve created.

ToyHax ER Prowl 1
ToyHax ER Prowl 2
ToyHax ER Prowl 3
ToyHax ER Prowl 4
ToyHax ER Prowl 5

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