N’we Jinan Artists – We Are Strong

As part of the N’we Jinan / InPath programme who help native Canadian youth in the arts, I was commissioned to create artwork for a group from Fishing Lake Metis Settlement for their song “We Are Strong”.

With no art direction for this project, and without hearing the song first, I cut out the kids from the supplied image and set it to a bold, red backdrop as a signifier of strength.

N'we Jinan Artists WAS Original Image
N'we Jinan Artists WAS Original Image Edited

I would use equally bold typography with a contemporary urban feel to it to represent the typically pop-infused Hip-Hop and R&B created by the youth who work with N’we Jinan / InPath.

N'we Jinan Artists We Are Strong Video Promo

The above graphic was created for Instagram stories to promote the video for the single. Various other social media graphics followed the same theme.

You can check out the video below!

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