NorthStars – Nightmares

NorthStars Nightmares

For their sophomore set and follow up to their debut album, “Dreams” The NorthStars looked to explore the darker, other end of the sonic spectrum with “Nightmares”.

I was commissioned to put a new spin on their previous album cover, giving it a hellish makeover to convey the angst and torment of their latest subject matter. Still featuring the dream tree surrounded by water, but this time the calm and tranquility would be broken by fiery storms, angry sky, lightning and rough waves.

NorthStars Dreams vs Nightmares
NorthStars Nightmares Back Cover

The album would be promoted with various social graphics and printed posters, including those below:

NorthStars Nightmares Instagram Social Poster

Check out the album below. “Rush” in particular is excellent!

The NorthStars Nightmares Cover Animation

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