David Hodges x Apollo Brown – The Lifeboat Mixtape

David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Hero

David Hodges approached me to create the artwork for his 2013 mixtape release, a showcase of his vocals over Apollo Brown beats.

The initial concept was to feature David in a boat at night, cast away on the waves with him supplying some of the images below as inspiration:

David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Initial Inspiration

I would go onto work up the concept below as an initial design:

David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Initial Concept

This however would end up getting scrapped as it wasn’t felt this direction fit the feel and narrative of the music. He asked if I could sketch out some ideas, including that of a wooden raft… similar to something that might be crafted if trying to leave a deserted island…

David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Sketch

He loved this hand-drawn image, which I took forward to create the final artwork, applying a brown paper texture over the top and adding the typography to produce the finished front and back cover:

David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Cover
David Hodges Lifeboat Mixtape Back

The LifeBoat Mixtape Volume 1” is part of a free mixtape series originally hosted exclusively by HipHopCanada. All beats produced by Apollo Brown. You can check out the mixtape here.

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