SRH – Soulful Intentions

SRH Soulful Intentions

I’ve produced various artwork for numerous rappers over the years. When I was commissioned to create the graphics for SRH’s debut album and got to listen to his music as inspiration, it struck me that in spite of being young, this guy had a genuine raw talent.

I was asked to put his rap moniker into a shield with its meaning, “Son of Right Hand” (his real name, Benjamin in Hebrew) underneath. The artwork was to be colourful, inspired by his energy, passion and the local graffiti in his home at the time of Montreal.

SRH Soulful Intentions CD Cover

Using various supplied photos, including the close up which he chose for the cover, I set about adding additional patterns and colour behind hard, dark blocks to house the typography.

SRH Soulful Intentions CD Back

Over the years, SRH has grown as an artist experimenting with different styles. Now under the alias ‘Benny Mayne’, he’s developed a loyal fanbase as a singer. I never expected such an evolution, but I’m glad I could play my part in helping him in some small way from the beginning.

SRH Soulful Intentions Book Outside
SRH Soulful Intentions Book Inside
SRH Soulful Intentions Disc

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